About Telford Big Sleep Out

In years gone by…

In previous years Stay have hosted an annual fundraising event called “Stay-Out”, the purpose of which was to raise awareness of homelessness within the Telford areas, and to raise much needed financial resources to support their work.

In tandom with the Stay-Out, Maninplace hosted its own fundraising event called “Carry The Load”. A sponsored event where people carry mattresses or other similar bedding items from Wellington to Telford Town Centre. Its purposes were much the same as the Stay-Out, but also to celebrate the work of everyone involved in local homeless organisations.

TBSO 2019 Highlights

The creation of the Telford Big Sleep Out…

In 2019 Stay and Maninplace joined together to host the first combined fundraising event, the “Telford Big Sleep Out”.

This coming together offered participants the opportunity to take part in either event, or for those who were brave enough, both “Carry The Load” and the “Stay-Out”.

To help make this first joint occasion extra special, a mini music festival brought the two sponsored elements together and created a big event starting at 4pm, going all the way through to 7am.

Jump to 2023

After a break due to Covid-19 and the subsequent cost of living crisis that has affected so many people, it’s time to come together once again.

We are excited to be hosting this year’s event on Friday 17th November, 7pm to 7am, at Telford Centre.

The evening will contain musical entertainment, hot and cold refershments, a competion to win a chocolate hamper, a medal for all those who make it through to the morning, and we also hope to be able to offer a final treat of a breakfast snack too.

There’s lots to get excited about, so register now to be a part of this special fundraising evening.

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