Refreshments Galore

Food and drink to power through the night.

Courtesy of our friends at Telford & Wrekin CVS Community Cafe in Madely, hot and cold drinks will be available throughout the evening of the Telford Big Sleep Out. Their volunteers will be manning an refreshments stall for you to top up on those all important fluids, and take on a bit of warmth for those who like a tea or coffee.

But the team are not stopping there….

Thanks to the generosity of the community cafe volunteers, a selection of cakes will be on sale for approximately 50p a slice. This small charge will help cover the costs of production, but not the time given by those involved.

If you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget your spare change so that you can enjoy this extra treat.

We don’t want to stop there.

A local Sikh charity have pledged their support for the Telford Big Sleep out and will be providing some hot food during the earlier part of the evening.

For those who may be coming straight from work or other commitments, this will offer you an extra heat treat as the temperatures fall.

We are delighted to have these additional hands of help at this year’s event, and our heartfelt thanks go to all the people who will be giving their time to prepare, deliver and serve the meals to participants and visitors.

Is there more?

There may be one more feast treat in the offering.

We hope to confirm, very soon, the addition of a breakfast snack for those who make it through to the 7am finish time and medal ceremony. As soon as we can confirm these details, we will share them with you.

Have you registered?

There is still time for anyone wishing to take part, to register their place on the Telford Big Sleep Out.

Simply complete the online form on our Registration page, we will then send you all the details you need for the big night and how to collect your sponsors.

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